Safe Travel

5 Steps for Safe Travel

Know the Covid-19 rate in your destination

Even if you are already vaccinated, it’s still crucial to assess COVID-19 levels in the area and country you are travelling to. If these are high, this puts you at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19, and while you may have protection from the virus, your friends and family may not.

Know the restrictions

While you’re at your destination, there will be local restrictions on activities that may differ from where you have travelled from. This ranges from whether you have to wear a mask to whether the local bars and restaurants are open.

Plan ahead when testing

There is still a lot of confusion about what tests are needed to travel, depending on the destination. This can range from whether they accept passengers who have been vaccinated, or require a PCR or Antigen fit to fly test.

To find an area’s Covid-19 test positivity rate and test requirements, visit the website of its local public health department. This allows you to plan your Covid tests ahead of time, reduce anxiety and save on fees from last-minute testing.

Stay safe when flying

Because of how air is filtered and circulates on aeroplanes, the Covid-19 virus does not spread easily on flights. However, crowded flights can make social distancing difficult so it’s important to limit contact and wear a face-covering during the flight and when boarding and leaving the aircraft.

Instead of using traditional boarding passes or handing them to staff for inspection, opt for an electronic or mobile pass which you can put on the scanner and display yourself.

Choose safe activities

While in enclosed places such as indoor bars or restaurants may be legal at a destination you visit, they carry a significantly greater risk of contracting Covid-19. On entering and leaving any facility or any place for that matter, you should always wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds using soap and water.

What we can do for you?

As you know there are some steps to do because of COVID-19. Let us to arrange everything about that while you are enjoying life in here. When you come to Cappadocia for “Once in a lifetime experience“  we can help to you get PCR test from easy way by private hospital specialist. 48 hours before your departure they will meet you in your hotel and take your test, in 8 hours you will get your result.

“ Türkiye has been a role model for world during COVID-19 with its well-established health system and treatment methods. We have also pioneered setting the direction for safe tourism with a certification program for normalization of tourism and we are now glad to see WTTC bringing the efforts to a global level”

Mehmet Nuri Ersoy

Turkish Minister, of Culture and Tourism