The Off road safari tours are offering a variety of excursions to explore the fantastic landscape of Cappadocia. Our tours range from mild to wild all of them scenic and exciting. Go on a rugged off road adventure into the many undiscovered canyon paths, climb the scenic lunar hills. Explore the amazing red rock formations and the secrets they hold. Our vehicles are highly specialized for your personal safety and comfort. All of our Jeeps are Toyota branded and newer, outfitted by true four-wheeling enthusiasts for the ultimate in backcountry performance and preparedness. We spare no expense to equip our vehicles with the best custom off-road suspension systems and wheels. This means a better ride for you and less impact on our trails. (50 km)

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes and modest dress.
  • not suitable for pregnant women or those with spine ailments.
  • Do not forget your sunglasses and camera!


Red Valley Panorama

Across from Ortahisar a couple of kilometers down a road is a panorama viewpoint. This marks the beginnings of the multiple trails into both Rose and Red Valleys. The trails take different routes but all end in the same place near Çavuşin village. These valleys have a wonderful combination of ancient churches, panoramic views, and freaky landscape. If you happen to be in Cappadocia during a full moon, then you may want to plan a moonlight hike through this valley. Groups do this each month. It is even possible without flashlights on a cloudless night.

Ortahisar Panorama

Ortahisar is famous with rock carved castle that offers a magnificient panorama

 Pancarlık Church

Pancarlik Kilisesi (Beet Valley), a monastic church housed inside a group of rock  cones. The flat ceiling of the church is still completely covered with frescoes in which reds and greens predominate as is the upper part of the small apse and large parts of the north and south walls.

Gomeda Valley entrance

A very picturesque valley, rich in rock houses, bird houses, rock arches, small vegetable yards and abundant vegetation.
Champagne toast after the safari

Duration : 2 hours

Capacity : 4-6 persons