Anatolia became home of many cultures for thousands of years. During this period some of them dissapeared, some of them assimilated and some stil remains. The traces of all these cultures, in other words the culturel diversity of Anatolia formed the magnificent mozaic called  Anatolian culture. This social adaptation on cultural fact brings result in aspects like Anatolian ciusine and textile and so.. For many culture historians,  art of weaving is the most important result of this social adaptation. You can easily see the cultural diversity of Anatolia in kilims and carpets such as design, usage of material and also the technique.

Every region in Anatolia has its own design and colour that becomes the signuture of the region. You can easily distinguish even without touching. Carpet has never  been just a household good. Carpet was  the pride of the villager girl, it was the ground where the young weaver girl express her feelings , hopes and longings. There lots more to tell about carpet tradition. For more you can join us in our carpet workshop tour.

Another significant result of the cultural diversity of Anatolia is ciusine. You can join our Turkish ciusine  workshop and learn how to cook most popular Turkish food.

Pottery is not as widespread as carpet because of the raw material needed. Cappadocia is one of the most suitableregion to provide raw material for pottery. Back in the old times, making perfect shaped pots was very important for a young man who wants to marry, likewise the dowry of a young girl . Those day, young man has to prove his skill on making pots to the father of the bride to get his permission to marry her daughter. For more of stories and testing your skill on pottery you can join our pottery workshop tour.


Carpet workshop

You will have a breif information about traditional Turkish handmade carpet and kilims

Also you will have chance to see whole carpet making proces.

 Pottery workshop

A brief information about pottery and the traditions. You can make your own pots.